Computer clips


Today’s progressive lens wearers often struggle with intermediate vision, especially when using a desktop/laptop computer

As long distance is the primary focusing distance, many computer users experience neck and shoulder strain as they adjust their head position to accommodate the use of desk top computers.


With a "low plus" powered Blue Logic clip-on over the progressive lenses, the wearer will immediately experience:

 ·       A much wider viewing area for computer use, as the primary viewing are is now intermediate.

·       Comfortable ergonomics, default head position is now focused at a proper viewing distance

·       Access to near is faster as the old intermediate area now becomes usable at near distance

 (Computer clips are usually far less expensive than a complete second pair of glasses designed for computer/reading, and when combined with BLUTECH lenses, provide complete visual comfort and protection from the harmful effects of HEV.)


For eyecare professionals, eClips can provide a small demonstration kit of flip up + powered clips. They can be mounted onto any pair of progressive lenses to demonstrate the above features, and encourage better conversations between you and your patients' regarding their computer vision requirements. Contact eClips for details