Introducing Blue Logic Lenses

Introducing Blue Logic Lenses™ and Clip-ons -- Blue Logic is a revolutionary approach to addressing the adverse effects from use of electronic devices.

Blue light (emitted from our digital devices) is known to cause:

1.Visual discomfort (internal ocular glare) which reduces visual sharpness and contrast. (400-430nm)

2.Disruption of healthy sleep cycles. This has been directly associated with a variety of health related issues (weight gain, elevated blood pressure, ADHD in Children). (459-484nm)

Glare Guard

Glare Guard

Our Solution

  • Glare Guard (400-430nm)- During the day, we need protection from wavelengths that cause glare, while we allow longer wavelengths through in order to maintain wakefullness.

  • SleeProtect™ (459-484nm)- At night we need a different filter to target the longer wavelengths that adversely affect sleep cycles

  • Plus Power-Magnification reduces accommodative stress caused by working at close distances for extended periods of time.

    Blue Logic Lenses™ Features

    •Melanin pigment that promotes proper color perception

  • AR coated for excellent contrast

  • Optional plus powers available in (+0.25-+2.50)

Why Custom Clips?

Other blue light options are worn all the time, and the wearer NEVER SEES TRUE COLORS as they exist in nature. With Clip-ons, you have the OPTION to take the blue light filter off when you no longer need to use it. Clip-ons are the PREFERRED method for addressing blue light issues. Unlike traditional options, Clip-ons can be used solely when needed and they can incorporate plus power to prevent eyestrain associated with the working distance.

“Benefits when you need them and colors how you want them”