e3 Blue Logic Glare Guard/AR

e3 Blue Logic Glare Guard/AR


Glare Guard is a Melanin filter that addressees the adverse effects — (glare, maintaining wakefulness) — from use of electronic devices (Tablets,Laptops, Phones) during the day, by filtering shorter blue light wavelengths and providing excellent color perfection.

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eClips recommends purchasing from your local optical retailer. However, if you would prefer to order directly, we do provide that service.

The manufacturing process is very straight forward. We do require your frame with current lenses. 

Here's how it goes:

  1. You select the chassis and lens you desire and complete your order.

  2. We will send you a prepaid return shipping box designed to keep your eyeglasses safe while in transit.

  3. You place your glasses in the shipping box and drop it at your nearest FedEx drop box or location. (if you don't have FedEx nearby please let us know in the order notes.)

  4. We create your personal custom clip-ons, package everything securely and ship it back to the address you provided.

Enjoy your new eClips Custom Clip-on Sunglasses!